Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shawarma Snack Center

I have fallen in love with Persian food, that I have to admit! That is why Kebab and Shawarma have always been part of my "foodie trip" list almost every weekend. The first ever shawarma I fell in love with was Pita Stop's located at the foodcourt in Rob Place, Ermita...Since then, regular cravings for that peculiar taste led me to discover a lot of foodie Mediterranean finds!

Then years later, I was introduced to the wonders of Kebab! :) a dish that would definitely delight any shawarma lover! Coz yep, this meal is served...WITH RICE :) chunks of meat and less veggies too.

The most famous Kebab place I know of so far is Mr. Kabab's @ Tomas Morato. However, since my boyfriend and I are too busy being the medical students that we are, finding the nearest Kebab resto became an ultimate task. And then voila! The SSC (Shawarma Snack Center) located in Adriatico just a walk away from the UP Campus and RPR Manila came into our knowing!

It's a bit challenging to get reviews from the net. However some bloggers mentioned it to be affordy and yummy. Some say they serve Halal food. Actually, when we visited the felt like and looked Mediterranean enough. True enough, customers were also mostly Arabs, Persians, et al.

There are two separate buildings, a small one across the bigger more grotesque resto. We chose to enter the bigger resto. The waiters were Filipino but I think they did not have the habit of "wearing a happy face"... they didn't make me feel "at home" at all. Waitresses looked...tired (?) and wore the annoying "poker face" maybe because we were...Filipino? *wth*

So we were served these 3 triangular deep fried thingies stuffed with spices and beans and a lot more which I do not know of (tastes Arabic). However I can compare the taste to that of pizza flautas+empanada! :) Lemme see: 3/5 stars.

Then we were also given dates. I never knew what dates tasted like until then...and I realized I didn't like it. :)) gave it a try and it was fun though. Nothing lost, it was complimentary anyway. I'd give it 2/5 stars.

Sweet Dates
I read in one blog that SSC had this delectable watermelon I got one to try. And indeed! I was not disappointed at all. :) It was served fresh from the juicer and it was sweet in a not-so-artifical way. Five out of Five stars!
Watermelon Shake
Of course, we would not leave the place without trying out their most bragged about shawarma and kebab! We had the beef kebab and the lamb shawarma! :) Both were absolutely tasty. There was a certain aftertaste though, that which when you get the food into your mouth, you become sure the food is Arabic :) It was "tasty" in a  good way though. Both 5/5!

WE spent around P500-600 all in all and I think it was still reasonable :) A must-try for those who are too lazy to travel to Morato for a plate of a good kebab and shawarma. 

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