Monday, October 24, 2011

Cyma for Lunch

Well, I've been hearing and seeing a lot of posts about Cyma since last June so I told myself I had to try it out soon by hook or by crook!

The reviews and pictures were all-so-good, in fact sounded too good to be true. Browsed through their menu on Munchpunch and viewed the price lists for budget planning (very expensive indeed!).

I kept a list of those which i had to try out based on the most frequently mentioned and commended in blog reviews. Well here's my take of Cyma and some of the dishes i ordered for that day. 

First, I ordered the Spinach Artichoke. I later found out that artichoke was a sort of Mediterranean herb. The dish came with pita bread and some buttered bread. It was a heavenly combination, definitely! The herb-y aftertaste and the starchy bread went well together. 

Spinach Artichoke, around P250-P300 (forgetful me)

Then next we had the Roka Salata salad. The dried tomatoes and candied walnuts were fantastic with the greens and the vinaigrette...however, I think the dried tomatoes tasted too sweet i had to pick them out of my salad during my last few bites.

Roka Salata P330

Up next is what I think was the "STAR of the Greek meal! Yep, indeed Cyma is not a disappointment when it comes to their famous gyros! My boyfriend and I had pork and beef gyros and it was a "spell heaven" dining experience... It was the most luscious serving of meat, veggies, and that special sauce! I loved adding chili to it! 10 thumbs up!!!!

Mixed Meat Gyros P200 (sulit!)
Unfortunately, this last dish is considered one of Cyma's speciaties...and the thing is...i didn't like a bite of it at all. It looked absolutely yummy and rich but I guess the Bechamel sauce was something my palate can't appreciate. This, I think, is one overrated dish on other blog reviews (or I guess it was just me). I was like eating leche flan with ground beef and a red orange sauce that was NOT tomato sauce. Haha. I honestly did not adore it. Obviously.

Moussaka P250
We spent around P1370 for four dishes. I think it was a bit pricey for 2 people! :) The combination of Gyros and Salad or Gyros and Artichoke will satisfy the bellies of 2. The VAT and service charge were what made the bill costly.

I think I'd eat in Cyma again...just to give it another chance to impress me...I suppose I have to explore their other specialties as well before I could find my Cyma-perfect meal :)

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