Friday, August 26, 2011


Coal Resto Bar and GrillRoxas Blvd.

Harbour Square, Pedro Bukaneg St., CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd.
Manila, Metro Manila

As a tradition, before every Med schoolyear commences, my gay friend and I usually meet up to eat and do some catching up on a lot of things. And this time, we had our date at Harbor Square. It was my first time to try out the place and I really enjoyed the bayside view and the outdoor scenery. 

We had a hard time looking for the prefect resto to try out 'cos most of the food establishments were seen in many other places. We decided we wanted to have a good drink, so we looked at the bistros on the second level. And lo and behold, we got to COAL. 

The place had outdoor dining for smokers and I could imagine how it looked like at night. Fortunately, we were there for early dinner so not much people were around. We chose to be seated inside. The place was nice and neat. The interiors contemporary, with various pieces of blacks and reds. We were brought to a table near the glass window for a better view of the busy Roxas Boulevard. We were both amazed that the seats were Jap style ^^ we had to do some Indian sitting and I think it was cool...and comfy too.

WE were both on a diet so we ordered only a few from the menu.

First, we had pork sisig as the main course, although we didn't order rice. The sisig was just like any other sisig and I think I have tried some other better sisigs than this one. Nothing extraordinary, but not bad.

Sizzling Sisig
Then we got ourselves Pork and Tofu. It tasted as expected. Crunchy tofu. Although i hated that the pork were sliced too big. The tokwa't baboy in Binalot is way better because the pork and tofu are placed in a soysauce-filled bowl so as you eat it you have all the soy flavors in it already. I think even Chowking's pork tofu is also better than this. But of course, this wasn't bad at all's just nothing remarkable.

Pork and Tofu

But something i really liked was their generous serving of baked mussels. And you should have seen the wild cheesiness going on all over each mussel. Definitely one of the BEST! Well, mussels baked this way usually taste the same anywhere, the thing is, this had more cheese and more pieces at almost the same price as others.
Baked Tahong
Something notable about Coal, and something I'd crave for and go back for would be this: their beef and cheese quesadilla! 
Ultimate crunch, generous filling! I loved how the tomato sauce and the veggies inside each piece delighted my palate with every bite. Really good. And for 2 people, it was filling. It was something that can give Mexican restos a run for their money. That Good. Haha.

All in all, the last two dishes made our Coal experience wonderful. The price was reasonable and we did not walk out unhappy or hungry. I will definitely go back for those quesadillas!

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