Friday, August 26, 2011

Army Navy

My boyfriend and I decided to try out the talked about Army Navy and the branch near La Salle Taft was the most accessible to us. It was located near yellowcab and beside many other food establishments across the university. The branch in La Salle was small, but its interiors were the usual Western army bunk style. A set of condiments were on every table and gave a slight hint of the wonderful treat for the night. The garlic sauce, the chili sauce, the mustard, and the Caramba sauce were all needed, really!
condiments galore!

My friend told me about the Starving Sailor, so that is what I got for myself, while my boyfriend got for himself a burger! Freedom fries were not available during our visit and I was a bit disappointed :(. 

Actually, i was tensed that the reviews may be overrated because looking at the place alone didn't really impress me and I had too many experiences of burgers and sandwiches that looked scrumptious on the outside but tasted ordinary. There was not much interaction with the staff and waiters because you get to order your food in a counter that had glass just like those seen in UPCN aquarium and other offices. 
Where you order and pay and get your food. Self service.
Fortunately, after having our orders served, we were both surprised to find out that the portions were BIG. Big enough for us to half our orders and share with each other, so I got to taste the burger too. 


Starving Sailor had lots of things going on inside! The beef was tender and really rich, it was juicy and you could taste the flavors with just looking at it! It had white onions (my favorite) and green bell peppers and pickles! And the mustard really gave it a tang that matched it perfectly well! Really a must-try.

Starving Sailor that Un-starved me!

The single-patty burger was next! It was awesome too...the patty was beefy and succulent! It was like those burgers in Hotshots that made you bite a big portion a lot. Single patty quarter pounder as it is, half of it made me full all the same.
Classic Army Navy Burger (P135)
We also had cheese quesadillas and they were, as usual, stuffed with cheese. And anything cheese-stuffed, for me, is totally crazy. The only problem is the salsa dip was only placed in a small container, we didn't try asking for more anymore so we have no idea if they charge extra. 

Cheese Quesadilla (P85)
I had really a good dinner that night that I think I'd love to go back to this place. The price was reasonable considering the serving size and the quality of the food. They said the burritos here are good too. We have to try it out some other time because we got too filled up too fast. I can say this poster in Army Navy really was not a deception at all.^^
Mission Accomplished.

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