Friday, August 26, 2011

Cafe Adriatico vis a vis Abe

My family loves to eat out a lot since it has been a form of bonding for us. One MOA lunchtime, my family and I decided to try out Cafe Adriatico. It looked posh and the ambience was a mixture of classic Filipino and Spanish. The menu in Cafe Adriatico did not appeal to my dad because my dad is a rice person and most of the meals were pastas and noodles or plain-sounding home-cooked dishes. It was then that the waiter offered us a new set of menu from Abe, which was at the other side of the restaurant. This is how we found out that Abe and Cafe Adriatico were owned by the same group of companies! Surprisingly, the Kapampangan-based Abe menu delighted my mom and dad who selected a set of Filipino specialties.

My baby brother, being carnivorous and "Western-influenced", got Cafe Adriatico's Classic Burger served with fries and pickled vegetables. My brother has an appreciation for real beefy goodness and based from his reaction, this piece of burger was for the win!

Classic Burger at P186
For the adults, generous servings of the main course included the following:

Binukadkad na Plapla at P365

Binukadkad na Pla-pla, which was basically a bigger version of tilapia. It was crispy but fleshy portions were still adequate. If not for the special sauce, this dish, in my opinion is nothing remarkable.

Abe's Chicken Supreme at P840

Mom also ordered Abe's Chicken Supreme (house specialty) which is simply roasted chicken with special sauce. Again, for me, there was nothing supreme about it. The sauce, however, helped in making the chicken bearable for me. Although my dad and my other brother seemed to delight in it.

Since we are a family of meat-lovers, a pork dish would never be missed out. Their version of the Filipino crispy pata was called Crispy Tadyang. This indeed lived up to my expectation of it being crispy while still being edible. The serving was good enough for a family of 8 people.
Crispy Tadyang at P476
But for me, the real star of them all would be their version of Pastel de Lengua. The ox tongue was cooked to a tender perfection and creamy sauce was flavorful. Although for this family dine-out, this was my favorite, I must say that still, I have tasted a better version of lengua from Kalye Juan.
Pastel Lengua at P330

Thankfully, i still got to enjoy my lunch because of my Strawberry Daiquiri 

and i got to share the dulcet Chocolate Decadence with my baby brother.

In general, the foodtrip experience my family had was satisfactory. The food here was a bit too pricey to think that some dishes are not that remarkable. Yet, we have to admit that this definitely is not the best Kapampangan restaurant there is. Despite this, the mere fact that we were happily dining together was delectable enough that no meal can be considered to be only ordinary.

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