Friday, August 26, 2011

Chocolate Kiss

The Chocolate Kiss CafeUP Diliman

G/F Ang Bahay ng Alumni, R. Magsaysay St., UP Diliman
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Being a UP alumna does not make me biased about this restaurant. But it has proven itself worthy of recommendation to friends and foodies all over. The lush greens of the well-renowned UPD campus also adds to the attractive points of this Choco Kiss branch. I would prefer dining here though it's hours of driving away from my home over the branch located in Roces Avenue because of the perk of having to walk around and chill in the campus after a hearty meal. Affordable as it is, a regular meal would not cost a student much for a very decent and near-to-formal dining experience.

There are two cafes in Bahay ng Alumni, one at the ground and the other on the second level. My friends and i prefer dining on the second level because it's what we're used to. The serving size is just appropriate that you would not feel unsatisfied. So far, my dining escapades in Chocolate Kiss have never disappointed me...

The UP Bahay ng Alumni
A corner table for two

Here are some of the usual favorites my friends and i order for that wonderful Kiss experience.

The Fish Kiev has always been my favorite after I first had a try of it last year. I could not get over the crazy creamy filling inside the fish rolls that literally oozes out after every slice. Plus the generous white scallion sauce poured into the dish adds more to the delight of a cream-lover person. Not too creamy, not too salty. Just right! The fish rolls are tender in the inside and cooked evenly to a golden crispy coat on the outside. This is a new addition to their menu after their famous Chicken Kiev which is also definitely a must try!

Fish Kiev with White Scallion Sauce and Mashed Potatoes at P260

Another all-time favorite of Choco Kiss patrons would be the Hickory Smoked Spareribs. The slab of meat is as tender as it could get and cooked just right that the bones would literally fall off to slight manipulation! The hickory sauce is not too heavy and the flavors, not too acerbic. Definitely perfect with rice!

Hickory Smoked Spareribs at P215
One of my friends ordered their Fish Fillet with Pesto Salsa, which was grilled fish served with corn-pesto salsa on Paprika rice. I wasn't able to taste it because i was too overwhelmed with my meal, but according to her the dish was delectable too.

Happy-looking friend with her Fish Fillet with Pesto Salsa at P230
Save room for desserts. This is one good advice to heed. Choco Kiss serves a variety of cakes to choose from. My favorites and recommendations include the famous Devil's Food Cake with chocolate fudge filling and marshmallow frosting, Dayap Chiffon Cake which is flavored with dayap and reminds me of the cakes i used to have during my kiddie birthdays (really my type), and their Sans Rival which is generously served with chopped cashews!
Devil's Food Cake at P70

Sans Rival at P70

Dayap Chiffon Cake at P70
One can opt to go for the Chocolate Kiss Suite with three square pieces of their cakes. This is highly recommended for those who have no idea what to order.
The Chocolate Kiss Suite at P75

These are but a few reasons why i love going back to Chocolate Kiss. If only i was living close to Diliman, Chocolate Kiss would be a staple resto for me! Also, it would be nice to share to visitors of the campus the famed Isawan of Mang Larry. This small mobile foodstand is famous for its exotic tasty and trusted-to-be-safe chicken gizzards and pork intestines perfectly matched with sweet-tinged vinegar sauce. Well, for those who can't bear the thought of eating intestines, Mang Larry also sells pork BBQ. 

Isaw baboy and Isaw manok 

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