Friday, August 26, 2011

Sis Dang

Seaside in Macapagal Avenue has been a favorite spot for friend and family dine-outs because of its 'dampa' style of food service. One gets to buy his own set of fish, seafood, veggies, and meat and the restaurant of choice would cook these for you whatever kind of dish you wish to have prepared. From the many restaurants to choose from, Sisdang has been a family favorite. This restaurant used to be called Sis but rumor has it that the owners had a misunderstanding causing a rift between parties. This led to the birth of Sisdang. Since I was in college, my family frequented this place a lot. And up to now, despite the change of name, they still serve the best baked mussels and calamares I know of!

It's only now when I got into medschool that I was able to document and take pictures of my raved about dishes in this place. This is definitey highly-recommended. Six-stars for ambience, for service, and for the food and cost.

My boyfriend treated his friends to this place and I was the one who decided on what to order. Definitely, all his friends would agree that everything was delicious!

For appetizers, a dose of "ensaladang mangga" with onions and tomatoes matched with "bagoong"  gave us a lot more to anticipate about the dinner! The mangoes we bought were fresh and crunchy which tickled our palates in prep for the main dishes.

Ensaladang Mangga
I suggested our family favorite dishes for shrimp: the one cooked in spicy sauce and the other cooked in garlic and butter. Both had their own twist and character that eating one is not an excuse to not taste the other! I especially love how the garlic and butter dulcified the shrimp shells and how the spicy sauce incited bursting flavors in my mouth. 

Shrimps in Spicy Sauce
Of course, for the veggie servings, we bought 2 huge eggplants and had them grilled. This went perfectly well with soy sauce and tomatoes!
Inihaw na Talong
There was this once when I went out with friends and tried out a different Paluto restaurant in Seaside and they served this tasty and juicy Pinaputok na Tilapia. So I ordered one from Sisdang that night. However, to compare the two versions, I think I like that one from the other restaurant. This lacked the lush the tilapia of the other resto had.

Pinaputok na Tilapia
A five-star favorite for all seasons would be baked mussels! These have been my Pringles during the dinner! Once i tasted it, it was really difficult to stop ^^. The cheese was liberally spread on the oysters and this really blended well with the "seafood-y" taste of the shellfish!

Baked Tahong
And last but not the least, the cream of the crop, calamari in light batter deep-fried to golden perfection! NO sticky wet portions, crisp, and uber piquant! This is why I love coming back to this place. I hate how other calamares are too breaded that they lose the squid-y taste and all you could taste is the breading. Definitely one of the best calamares ever! 

Definitely, I'd still be going back to this place because of it's affordability and delicious house specialties!

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